Masking Asperger Syndrome

Masking the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome is very common and is the reason diagnosis can sometimes be difficult.  The only place a child with Asperger Syndrome is unlikely to mask, is in the home.  This is why the condition is so often missed by professionals that might spend less than… Read More »Masking Asperger Syndrome

Sensory issues / Aspergers

Sensory issues can be a big problem when it comes to Autism. Often children with Autism struggle with sensory issues.  They may not like loud noises, for instance hand dryers or motorbikes.  Just getting their hands dirty might send them into meltdown.  Wearing tight clothes can make them feel constricted… Read More »Sensory issues / Aspergers

Socially awkward

Can someone with Aspergers get past feeling socially awkward? As many of you know Alfie is obsessed with Queen and you also know that with Aspergers comes a feeling of being socially awkward.  Queen have probably been Alfie’s biggest obsession so far.  He eats, sleeps and breathes Freddie Mercury.  Up… Read More »Socially awkward

Over 30 Autism in Adults

Autism in Adults is common. Autism in adults is more common than you realise.  I know you thought was going to be another diagnosis post about Autism in adults, but it isn’t.  Its not about getting a diagnosis its about getting you to think about whether you really need a… Read More »Over 30 Autism in Adults

11 signs: Aspergers in Toddlers

How to spot Aspergers in toddlers. Aspergers in toddlers is not the easiest condition to spot unless you know what you are looking for.  Some of the signs are more obvious but others could be classed as normal especially when it comes to reaching developmental milestones.  This is because guidelines… Read More »11 signs: Aspergers in Toddlers