Minecraft my friend.

I think most people have probably heard of Minecraft but I will describe it to you anyway.  To me it is a creative game where you lay blocks to build almost anything you want including people, animals and buildings. From what I understand there is two modes to the game.  The first mode available is creative mode where you have everything you need to build whatever you want. The second mode is survival, where you have to complete things such as cutting down trees, farming and mining.  In this mode you also have to stay out of the way of the monsters that will quite happily kill you!

Im glad we cleared that up! 


One of Alfie’s early builds

Minecraft has been Alfies comfort blanket since 2013.  The kids at school had it and he didn’t want another reason to feel left out, so we bought it for him.  At first he wasn’t impressed because he got stuck in a hole and was eaten by a giant spider.  He got quite upset at this point and gave up. It was to be weeks before he touched it again.

I used to get frustrated because before he discovered Star Wars he would sit playing Minecraft all day and would do nothing else.  I found taking him off it at this point just made him become frustrated so I just let him carry on.  He wasn’t harming me or anyone else for that matter.

Minecraft made things bearable 


Inside the early build

Minecraft was an absolute godsend for Alfie because like singing, it was a way in which he could lose himself.  He started off with the simple builds like everyone but as he continued to play I realised he had something.

This early build was a recreation of a build by Youtuber ‘PopularMMos’.

I came to this realisation when he told me he won a Minecraft competition and his build was included in a video they released.

Since then his building has gone from strength to strength.  Right now he is in the middle of building Wembley stadium complete with stage.  He is building this because Freddie Mercury and Queen performed the Live Aid concert.


Sneaky peak!

He is also building a Pyramid, which I must say is going to be pretty impressive.  Here is a sneak peak! I can’t wait to see the finished product and will add to this post when it is done.



Freddie Mercury

He has also had a go at building a Minecraft Freddie Mercury and again this is very impressive!  Look for yourself!

Minecraft helps to make Asperger’s bearable for Alfie and not only that it encourages them to think about being creative.

This is a link to a age which talks about fixation. You can get to it here.



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