Uncontrolled use of CBD for children worries me.

CBD has been in the news a lot lately.

Before I continue with this blog I just want you to make it clear I am 100% behind the use of medicinal cannabis in adults and I always will be.  However, the use of CBD for children worries me.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the story of the family fighting the government to stop the drug being withdrawn from their young son.  The drug they were given in a medical trial during their stay abroad was confiscated at Heathrow airport. The family were making their way home to continue treatment for their son in this country. In Canada the CBD based medicine is legal.  In this country it isn’t…………….

If this little boy doesn’t get this treatment he can look forward to seizure after seizure.  Seizures that could eventually kill him.  This child really is very ill and there seems to be no other way forward for him.  In this case I really believe the government should back down.

I appreciate CBD has great medicinal uses according to people who have tried it.

It’s only over the last 10 years that I have begun to appreciate its uses for medical purposes. Research around the subject looks really promising.

There are very limited clinical trials around the use of CBD. Virtually none of this research is centred on children.   Some of the evidence around the subject also conflicts other evidence. Clinical trials tend to centre on epilepsy and anxiety.  Because the clinical trials around CBD are still in the early stages, no one really knows what might happen in the future.  Are we looking at a ticking time bomb where CBD is concerned?  This is why the uncontrolled use of CBD for children worries me.

This is why the uncontrolled use of CBD for children worries me.

While the use of CBD for children worries me, it does seem to be working………..for now.

Be worried too!

It is fact that the human brain does not finish developing until the late 20’s – early 30’s.  The oil adjusts the connection between the neuron’s in the brain. A study done in New Zealand suggests the drug (Marijuana based) affected the memory of users between the age of 13 and 38 each losing  on average 8 IQ points. The IQ never recovered when they stopped smoking it.  CBD is different because it comes from Hemp and doesn’t  give you the ‘HIGH’ that normal Marijuana gives but we still have to ask ourselves the same questions.   Is it going to stop the brain developing properly? Could it lead to dementia in later life?  Sadly we are along way off from getting answers. Nobody really knows what might happen in the long term.  Have you ever stopped to think about the long-term use?  Lately I have read Facebook posts about parents looking to give it to their young children. Children under 10 years old!  For me this is terrifying.  Often the child has no say in whether they take it or not.

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

The case of the young boy I mentioned earlier is a different case altogether.  He might not have any quality of life or any life at all without this drug.  There will be many more out there in this position too.  I for one wish I had read up on  the effects of this drug on Parkinson’s and Cancer before my mum died last year.  I believe it could have helped her.  She already had a brain disorder so giving her the drug at the age of 75 would probably have had minimal risk really.  I believe it can calm tremors which put a huge strain on the body in both MS and Parkinson’s disease.  I will add though that this is my opinion and not the opinion of others.

Totally reckless.

It is reckless to give it to a child with ADHD or ASD.   It will mean making life changes but symptoms can be managed (hard work I know!).  Are you willing to make these changes?  Years ago these conditions were unheard of and now suddenly every other child has it.  Surely we have to stop and ask ourselves why??

Don’t put your head in the lions mouth unless you completely understand.

I often wonder what goes through the minds of these parents.  They don’t want to put in the work to manage the symptoms.  They haven’t got time and many have to work.  For this reason they need  a quick fix to the situation. This is why the use of CBD for children worries me greatly.

The sooner these parents realise Asperger’s is a life long condition the better.  Accept it! Manage it.  These children did not choose to have either condition.

The drug needs to be regulated and prescribed by a GP.  It should not be readily available for any Tom, Dick or Harry to go and pick up off a shelf whenever they feel like it.

Are you really that desperate that you would put your child’s welfare at risk without knowing all the facts?  Remember chances are you wont be around to see the long term outcome. Your children’s children will be left to pick up the pieces.  Is that really what you want?  Are there any other options?

Anybody thinking about giving it CBD to their child please think about the possible long-term consequences before doing so.

1.   Do your research.

2.  Consult your doctor before using giving it to a child.

Some interesting research can be found here, some for and some against. None of these trials can confirm any lasting effects and we probably wont see what effects the drug has on the brain for another 40 years.  This is why the use of CBD for children worries me.

A positive Israeli study centred around Autism can be found here.  

A positive study centred around Epilepsy can be found here.

CBD causing hypotension when used to treat cancer alongside Chemo can be found here.

CBD poisoning can be found here.  First ever case. Unusual but possible.

I could go on forever with studies but up to now most of these studies centre on Animals.  All very promising I might add.

The point I am trying to make is that we need to look more to the future as only then can we be sure of the outcome.  More and more clinical trials are starting to take place.  This is really good but they focus on the here and now.

Only you can decide what is best for your individual circumstances.  I only tell it like I see it and my opinion wont matter to most of you.  The use of CBD for children worries me and always will.

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