Aspergers obsessions

Have you ever thought about writing off to someone who can help with your child’s Aspergers obsessions?

I know most of the people who follow my blog have children with Aspergers.  This means that most of you will have a child with a special interest which in many cases becomes one of their Aspergers obsessions.

Freddie’s House Garden Lodge

The thought of writing off to people that can make your child’s dream come true has probably never crossed your minds.  Why not write off, send an email or post a  letter to your child’s favourite pop star, famous steam railway or local Ferrari showroom.  They are often eager to try and help your child if they can.

Your child may have a keen interest in a certain toy or a famous celebrity.  Your child may even be interested in steam trains or the next Ferrari.  If this is the case then please write that letter to the people who can make things happen.  You will be be surprised at the response you get.

Mercury Phoenix Trust

Freddie Mercury & Alfie (Madame Tussauds 2017)

As many of you already know Alfie is a keen musician.  I owe it all to Queen and his love of Freddie Mercury.  It makes me very sad that Alfie never got to see him perform.  If he had a fairy godmother who could grant him one wish it would be to resurrect Freddie Mercury as his young self.  Sadly he doesn’t.  We live in the hope that Brian May has seen him perform as Freddie Mercury on the Mercury Phoenix Trust website.   You can find it here.

Alfie was absolutely made up when they approached us about using his video.  He was literally speechless!  He loves Freddie so much and feels so honoured to be featured on a website set up in his memory.

Brian May

Love of his life Red Special

I  wrote to Brian May who said he was too busy to meet up with Alfie but he sent him a signed photograph of himself on top of Buckingham palace. He also sent him one of his famous sixpences so that Alfie could play his own copy of Brian’s famous guitar the ‘Red Special’.  Alfie was ecstatic!  Alfie aspires to be a great guitarist like Brian and a performer like Freddie.  I think  Freddie had a 4 octave range and Alfie’s up until now is 3.1/2 octaves.


Since then Alfie has been excelling in music (thank you Freddie!).   Trying to get him interested in anything other than Queen has been a huge task.  However, I had started to play the Stereophonics in my car whenever we went out and finally it caught on because Alfie had no choice but to listen. Trying to get him to listen to anything else other than Queen has been an absolute nightmare but now he is also in love with the Stereophonics.  A step in the right direction I reckon especially as we are Welsh ourselves 😉

Alfie has been through a hard time with one thing and another so I decided to write off to them to ask if they would meet with him at their gig in Wrexham.

Their wonderful PA wrote back to me within days to tell me the band were on tour on the other side of the world.  She said it was unlikely they would be able to meet him because they have so many requests but she would see if they would make a short video for him.

Signed drum sticks!!!

A few days later a pair of signed drumsticks, together with signed pictures of the band and also their personal guitar picks arrived by post.  Wow!  He was speechless but so happy!  He couldn’t understand why they would give him a child like him a second thought but he was really glad they did all the same.  VERY lucky boy!

The video never seemed to materialise and I wondered if their PA had  forgotten.  At the risk of sounding pushy I decided to write off to her again.  I was right she had forgotten and a couple of days later the band recorded a personal message to him.

His face was a picture.  He simply couldn’t believe that he was so important enough that they would do this for him. He had tears in his eyes bless him.

Such nice guys and a credit to the music industry! You have made a young boy who is struggling with life right now VERY HAPPY.  More importantly you made him feel like he is worth something.

Who says Asperger children never show emotion?

We have had a few Aspergers obsessions over the years.  A couple of years ago one of Alfie’s Aspergers obsessions was Only Fools and Horses.  He was lucky to meet his idol John Challis at a comic convention in Wrexham. John and Sue Holderness signed pictures and signed a T shirt for Alfie.  John was absolutely blown away at the fact someone so young could be so interested in a programme that was more than 30 years old.  He even tweeted about the fact he had met Alfie that day.  A few days later we got a video addressed to Alfie.

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