11 signs: Aspergers in Toddlers

How to spot Aspergers in toddlers.

Fear of loud noises

Aspergers in toddlers is not the easiest condition to spot unless you know what you are looking for.  Some of the signs are more obvious but others could be classed as normal especially when it comes to reaching developmental milestones.  This is because guidelines are so broad these days. These are the ones that make diagnosis hard and is the reason why Aspergers in toddlers is not spotted until much later.  It is not common for a diagnosis before 6 years old.

Aspergers in toddlers: The signs.

  1. Is your child fearful of loud noises? Does your child often scream when you turn on the vacuum cleaner or use your washing machine? Does you child go running for cover if they hear an aeroplane go past?  If so these things could be a sign.
  2. Does your child often use repetitive behaviour? Does your toddler pull at their own hair or rub their ear repetitively for comfort?  Does your toddler flap his/her hands every time they become fretful?  OR maybe they pace backwards and forwards or jump up and down? Repetitive behaviour is often called stimming.  It is common is someone with Aspergers.
  3. Is your toddler stating to put words together?  Worried about your child’s speech?  Perhaps they don’t speak at all….a possible sign of Aspergers/Autism.
  4. Is your toddler wary of strangers? Does your child scream when you are out and about?  Do they scream when a stranger approaches or you when are stood in a queue next to someone you don’t know?  This could also be a sign of Asperger Syndrome.

    Development issues

  5. Is your toddler late meeting his/her developmental milestones? Can your child catch a ball?  Pick up small objects?  Build a tower from blocks? Is your child crawling, walking etc when they are supposed to? This could indicate a problem with their motor skills.  Another sign of Aspergers/Autism.
  6. Does your toddler have difficulty settling down to sleep at night? Do you think your child should go to sleep earlier or that they sleep too much? Another symptom of Aspergers in toddlers.
  7. Does your toddler mix with other toddlers? Does your child prefer to play on their own?  Keep themselves to themselves at nursery? This is can be an early sign of Aspergers.

  8. Does your toddler have a fascination for something? Does your toddler like to build with all the red blocks and no other colour will do?  Do they like to collect pebbles whenever you go out and get upset when you try to throw them away?  This could be related to an obsession which is very common in a child with Aspergers.
  9. Does your child have a favourite toy they must take everywhere? Is your child very attached to a particular toy? Using a toy as a source of comfort can be a sign of Aspergers.
  10. Does your toddler scream the place down when you leave them with someone else, even if its just for a short while? Toddlers with Aspergers often have detachment issues.
  11. Does your child throw a tantrum for something as simple as you giving them a cup that is the wrong colour?  So you bought your child blue blocks instead of red? Kicking and screaming becaue something is slightly off could also be a sign of Aspergers in toddlers.
  12. Your child wont eat anything with lumps in?  Your child starts to gag when you offer them mashed potato?  Does your toddler hate to play with play dough?  Aspergers in toddlers often causes them to dislike certain textures.
  13. Does your toddler often stop trying to speak for no apparent reason?  Selective mutism is very common in children with Aspergers.


****Please use common sense when looking for Aspergers/Autism traits.  Symptoms will vary from toddler to toddler and no two toddlers with the same condition will have the same symptoms.  If you are genuinely worried always seek the help and advice of a professional.****

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