Over 30 Autism in Adults

Autism in Adults is common.

Autism in adults is more common than you realise.  I know you thought was going to be another diagnosis post about Autism in adults, but it isn’t.  Its not about getting a diagnosis its about getting you to think about whether you really need a diagnosis, especially if you are over 30 years old.

You’ve already coped with what you feel might be autism for a long time now and most of you have probably done OK.  You might have a job, a family, a house and a nice car.  You might be a stay at home housewife waiting for your child to get an assessment.  Your child has already waited for their diagnosis for nearly 18mths and still nothing and you are getting really frustrated.  Sound like you?  I get that you are understandably curious but please stop and askyourself if you really need to clog up a system that is already stretched toit’s limits?  Chances are, all you will get is a label and nothing more.  If you have coped this long you probably wont be given medication, just a diagnosis.  What is the point?

Difficulty coping?

On the flip side of the coin you might be really struggling.  You might be a young adult in their late teens, early twenties struggling with University, College or just life in general?  You might not have got to college yet but you really want to.  The thought of sitting in a classroom with people you dont know fills you with dread and this is what holds you back.  If this is you then speak to your general practitioner about getting some help or a possible diagnosis.  If you really need help, then you need it and are absolutely entitled to it.

Autism in Adults is very common because people never really spoke about it 50 years ago and more importantly people didn’t recognise it for what it was.  People just got on with it.

For the reocrd I feel like I probably have Asperger Syndrome too but what good would being diagnosed now do me? Im in my 40’s. Ive coped. Im doing OK and although I have my suspicions I would not dream of making waiting lists even longer just because im curious.  If you want some idea of whether you have the condition or not please click here.


The NHS is under tremendous strain!

Do you need a diagnosis?

The NHS is under awful strain and mental health is one of those departments hit the hardest.  There are so many parents trying to get their children diagnosed these days and thats ok because most of these kids are really struggling with life.  Most of them are young children struggling to cope with school and a whole host of other things.  They are making their parents lives hell not because they want to, it just happens. It’s not something they can control.  These kids dont yet have a job, house or nice car.  If left to their own devices they may never have these things.  These are the ones that need the diagnosis. Not you because you feel curious.

It really makes me mad when I see people in social media groups asking how they go about getting an adult diagnosis because they have have children on the spectrum. Their child/children  have  already been diagnosed as having ASD and suddenly they they see similarities in themselves.  These people know how long they had to fight for a diagnosis for their child.  They also know the reason for the wait.  The mental health service just can’t cope which is why it is taking so long to get the children, that really need a diagnosis, diagnosed.  The waiting time in my area is 18mths.

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