Eating Disorder: Knowing the signs.

Social media has so many good points. When you have Asperger syndrome it gives you a window to the world when often, you don’t have one.  At the same time it has many bad points, one of them being ‘peer pressure’.

I think Alfie may be on the verge of a possible eating disorder.  I’ve seen the signs before as my younger daughter had Anorexia. This was definitely down to social media and peer pressure and if you were to ask her she now she would tell you the same.

Recently Alfie has been talking a lot about getting fit and going to the gym.  

He no longer goes to Karate, something he used to love.  He is worried that he will be pressured into taking part in competitions and he isn’t up for that.  His Karate teacher was very big on competing and because Alfie never wanted to compete, his instructor lost interest in him.  Because of this he soon found himself being put with the white and orange belts.  This meant it was no longer challenging and so he left.  Alfie is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, so fighting someone who is so inexperienced is not enough to keep him interested anymore.

Alfie with his brown belt.

More recently I have started to find he is loosing his appetite and not eating half as much as he was.  He says he isn’t hungry and at first I thought it was because he wasnt growing.  I’m not sure this is the case anymore so I am keeping a close eye on the situation to make sure it doesn’t escalate.  We really dont want him to have to deal with an eating disorder as well as Asperger Syndrome.  He is having a hard enough time as it is.

He already eats a limited diet, eating the same thing every day at the same time of day.  He wont try anything new unless it looks particularly appetising and rarely eats anything with milk or dairy products in them unless it is a chocolate bar or chocolate flavoured sauce.  He will also eat ice-cream but this about sums it up really.  

Slippery slope

My beautiful daughter

A few days ago my daughter raised the alarm with me asking why the weighing scales were in his bedroom?  Anyone that knows Alfie will tell you he is skin and bone.  Obviously she knows the signs too and she doesn’t want him going down that path as it is a very easy route to take. No one knows this better than her.  Her eating disorder was one of the worst times in her life.  One of her lowest points infact.  Even now she thinks she is ugly and fat (She isn’t!) but she is more accepting of herself now.  She is actually stunning as you can see but she doesn’t think so.  Even now her self esteem is very low.  Peer pressure makes her feel this way.  

When people think of eating disorders they think female but it affects both and is more common in boys than you realise.  It is especially common in the teenage years.

Just last night Alfie left half of his meal and when I questioned him about it he said he had gone off the potatoes I had put on his plate.  Alfie NEVER leaves food.  He has particular stuff he likes to eat and potatoes is one of them especially when they are mashed and have gravy with them.  Its the second time this week he has left them on his plate. Eating disorder?  I’m still not sure. 

Lately he doesnt seem to want to go to fast food outlets either and Alfie LOVES a burger!  All these little things are setting alarm bells ringing so a word with the doctor will be my next step to ask for advice.

Have any of you had anything similar with your Aspie?  Please let me know if you can relate to any of my posts.

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