Bohemian Rhapsody & Asperger Syndrome

Alfie waited patiently for months for the release of Bohemian Rhapsody and when the day finally arrived he was so excited!  As it was a school day we never got to see the first showing at the cinema. Alfie’s dad also wanted to go so we booked for the 7.00pm screening.

We turned up at the cinema early to beat the queues and to make sure we got a hotdog and a drink before the movie started.  After all, a visit to the cinema would not have been complete without them.

We waited in the foyer for about 30 minutes before we got the call to take our seats.  Alfie was wearing his ‘Queen’ baseball jacket and his Live Aid T- shirt proudly displaying Freddie Mercury on the front.  Written in numbers at the bottom of the T-shirt was the exact amount of people who attended that legendary concert. ‘Queen’ stole the show. He wore it with extreme pride. After all he was ‘Queens’ biggest fan even if he was only 13 years old. There is nothing he couldn’t tell you about the band!

Gosh, I feel so old.

For me it was weird seeing the ages of the people in the foyer because most of them were much older than I am (I feel so old). At first I thought they might be there to watch something else.  I remember it clearly because Alfie turned to me and said ‘Mum look at all the people queuing up to see the film to which I replied ‘How do you know they are all seeing Bohemian Rhapsody?’ (you see, I tend to forget how long Queen have been going for).  He said ‘ I just know mum!’ and of course he was right.

They were ALL infact there to see the long awaited Bohemian Rhapsody film.  It was only then I remembered that the band formed in 1970, a year after I was born.

A lady from across the way walked over to ask us where Alfie had bought his ‘Queen’ baseball jacket.  So many people have asked about this Jacket.  Wearing his jacket, he gets stopped wherever he goes. Sadly we had to tell them we bought it from the Queen Online store and we didn’t think it was available anymore. We hope they make some more!

When the time came to take our seats in screen 6, we noticed it was packed.

Photograph by Alisdair Mackin, Celtic-Camera Photography

Emotional reaction

By now many of you will have seen the film. I dont know about you but I personally felt really emotional. It hit home that Alfie would never get to meet his idol, one of the greatest rock legends to have ever lived. If I had one wish in life, it would be to bring Freddie back to meet Alfie. Most things I can help with. This wasn’t one of them.

Obviously, Alfie was engrossed in the film. I kept glancing at him. There were a few scenes which were perhaps unsuitable for his age however I knew this before I took him. I still couldn’t deny him the chance to watch it though. Freddie Mercury was his idol and Bohemian Rhapsody was about him and his band.

So far so good, no tears up until now. However, I could see Alfie’s face starting to change as Freddie left the clinic and the young boy shouts ‘Eeeeyooo’ after him. By the time Freddie tells the band he has Aids the tears were flowing. Alfie wasnt the only one to be crying either. Tears rolled down my face too. I was emotional too.

The credits rolled

As we reached the end the credits started to roll. Alfie just sat there staring at the screen. He didn’t say anything. I don’t think he could speak at this point. He just sat there for ages even after the screen went blank. I kept saying we need to leave now, but I may aswell not have been there. It was like he didn’t hear me.

Eventually, he got up but he still couldn’t speak. We drove home and he went straight upstairs without saying a word. I could hear him sobbing in his bedroom……………

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