Asperger Syndrome Information

This page is dedicated to looking at the specifics of Asperger Syndrome and will be full of Asperger Syndrome information.  It will look at both fact and fiction around the condition.

I for one feel there is far too much negativity around available Asperger Syndrome Information.  My blog is all about looking at life with an Aspie child from a positive angle.

Say no to negativity!

I could sit here and moan all day about how bad I’m having it but it would be nowhere near as difficult as my child is having it! We must take action NOW!

My advice to you is to try and stay away from Social media because it paints a very black picture by parents of Asperger’s children finding it difficult to cope.  Many don’t want to be helped and would rather moan about it than look for solutions.

Modern technology: PUT IT DOWN!

We as parents need to PUT DOWN that mobile phone or tablet and start listening to the needs of our kids.  I believe this should be the first step.  Listen to your child!  Help them make sense of what is going on around them.  The world can be a very distressing place for all of us never mind people with Autism.

Find out what makes your child ‘tick’.  Encourage them in their specific

Positive reinforcement

interests! Today is the day to become involved! Put aside a few hours a week and play that game! Listen to them sing! Start collecting those cars? Take them to the local steam gala.  Do whatever it takes but be there for your child.  Let them know the way they feel is OK! More importantly, let them know it’s normal.  You will find your child will start to open up and talk to you. It wont happen over night but it will happen!

Im not trying to overload you with Asperger Syndrome Information, just make you see it from a different angle.  Asperger’s is a blessing not a curse.  We need to realise this and move forward in a positive way.

I guarantee that if you do all these things I have mentioned here you will see amazing results within a couple of weeks if not days.

You got this guys!

Please take the time to read through my blog and add me to your favourites.  I will be setting up a mailing list shortly so you will be able to join me on my journey.  It will be full of Asperger Syndrome Information.