Alfies Coping Strategies

Social functions

Social Functions : Sophie & Iain got Married! Last week, my daughter (Alfie’s sister) got married.  We knew it would be a trying time for Alfie because he doesn’t like socialising or social functions.  He is fairly typical of someone with Asperger’s.  Alfie did not play a big part in… Read More »Social functions

Asperger’s and ADHD

Asperger’s and ADHD and the differences in between. A lot of people seem confused between Asperger’s and ADHD. While they share many similarities, I thought I would compile a chart to highlight a few of the differences.  I hope this helps and doesn’t cause any more confusion.  I will just… Read More »Asperger’s and ADHD

Feeling Hopeless

Left feeling hopeless You know unless you live with someone diagnosed with Asperger’s you really cannot fully understand the difficulties faced every day.  Each day is a constant battle trying to make them happy and more importantly keep them safe.  Feeling hopeless is starting to become a regular thing. Asperger… Read More »Feeling Hopeless



Discipline/Rules are a touchy subject in our house. We really struggled with trying to implement discipline/rules while Alfie was growing up.  Alfie had to go through a lot of ‘melt downs’ which at first we thought were Asthma attacks and some of them were. As he got older I began… Read More »Discipline/Rules


Routine is a problem. I like to be impulsive and Asperger’s means Alfie likes routine. This means we clash a LOT! Sticking to routine is one of the things I find the most difficult to cope with when it comes to Asperger’s.   The trouble with routine is I don’t… Read More »Routine



Minecraft my friend. I think most people have probably heard of Minecraft but I will describe it to you anyway.  To me it is a creative game where you lay blocks to build almost anything you want including people, animals and buildings. From what I understand there is two modes… Read More »Minecraft


Obsessions Became the Norm So what’s it like to be the mum of an Aspie with obsessions? If you didn’t already know, people with Asperger’s have obsessions and Alfie is no different. His first real obsessions started with Star Wars.  I mean it when I say he could and still… Read More »Obsessions