Aspergers obsessions

Have you ever thought about writing off to someone who can help with your child’s Aspergers obsessions? I know most of the people who follow my blog have children with Aspergers.  This means that most of you will have a child with a special interest which in many cases becomes… Read More »Aspergers obsessions

Sensory Autism Symptoms

Sensory Autism Symptoms in plain English……. Adults and children with autism often have sensory autism symptoms.  They may be underly sensitive or overly sensitive. This will make them either over react or under react to the sights and sounds around them.  Problems with the senses are thought to be the… Read More »Sensory Autism Symptoms

Changing School

Worry! I don’t know about you, but I was really worried about Alfie moving from primary school to secondary school. I had many a sleepless night over it and I know Alfie did too.  He tossed and turned all night on the lead up to changing school. He was also very quiet… Read More »Changing School


Dissociation is so annoying sometimes! It is important to be aware of the word dissociation.  A child with any type of autism will not always be telling a lie  when they say they cannot remember something from the past.  However, this only normally happens when they are put in a… Read More »Dissociation

Common in boys?

Asperger Syndrome is more common in boys……Right? Errrm…. not  exactly but boys just might have the edge on it.   Probably because girls present themselves in a different way.  Health professionals tend to lean more towards boys having the condition and often misdiagnose girls as having something else.  Asperger Syndrome… Read More »Common in boys?

Asperger Syndrome Info

This page is dedicated to looking at the specifics of Asperger Syndrome and will be full of Asperger Syndrome info.  It will look at both fact and fiction around the condition. I for one, feel there is far too much negativity around available Asperger Syndrome Info.  My blog is all… Read More »Asperger Syndrome Info

Social functions

Social Functions : Sophie & Iain got Married! Last week, my daughter (Alfie’s sister) got married.  We knew it would be a trying time for Alfie because he doesn’t like socialising or social functions.  He is fairly typical of someone with Asperger’s.  Alfie did not play a big part in… Read More »Social functions

Asperger’s and ADHD

Asperger’s and ADHD and the differences in between. A lot of people seem confused between Asperger’s and ADHD. While they share many similarities, I thought I would compile a chart to highlight a few of the differences.  I hope this helps and doesn’t cause any more confusion.  I will just… Read More »Asperger’s and ADHD

Feeling Hopeless

Left feeling hopeless You know unless you live with someone diagnosed with Asperger’s you really cannot fully understand the difficulties faced every day.  Each day is a constant battle trying to make them happy and more importantly keep them safe.  Feeling hopeless is starting to become a regular thing. Asperger… Read More »Feeling Hopeless