Asperger interests

Over 30 Autism in Adults

Autism in Adults is common. Autism in adults is more common than you realise.  I know you thought was going to be another diagnosis post about Autism in adults, but it isn’t.  Its not about getting a diagnosis its about getting you to think about whether you really need a… Read More »Over 30 Autism in Adults

Aspergers obsessions

Have you ever thought about writing off to someone who can help with your child’s Aspergers obsessions? I know most of the people who follow my blog have children with Aspergers.  This means that most of you will have a child with a special interest which in many cases becomes… Read More »Aspergers obsessions


Obsessions Became the Norm So what’s it like to be the mum of an Aspie with obsessions? If you didn’t already know, people with Asperger’s have obsessions and Alfie is no different. His first real obsessions started with Star Wars.  I mean it when I say he could and still… Read More »Obsessions