Autism spectrum disorder

Socially awkward

Can someone with Aspergers get past feeling socially awkward? As many of you know Alfie is obsessed with Queen and you also know that with Aspergers comes a feeling of being socially awkward.  Queen have probably been Alfie’s biggest obsession so far.  He eats, sleeps and breathes Freddie Mercury.  Up… Read More »Socially awkward

11 signs: Aspergers in Toddlers

How to spot Aspergers in toddlers. Aspergers in toddlers is not the easiest condition to spot unless you know what you are looking for.  Some of the signs are more obvious but others could be classed as normal especially when it comes to reaching developmental milestones.  This is because guidelines… Read More »11 signs: Aspergers in Toddlers

Aspergers obsessions

Have you ever thought about writing off to someone who can help with your child’s Aspergers obsessions? I know most of the people who follow my blog have children with Aspergers.  This means that most of you will have a child with a special interest which in many cases becomes… Read More »Aspergers obsessions

Sensory Autism Symptoms

Sensory Autism Symptoms in plain English……. Adults and children with autism often have sensory autism symptoms.  They may be underly sensitive or overly sensitive. This will make them either over react or under react to the sights and sounds around them.  Problems with the senses are thought to be the… Read More »Sensory Autism Symptoms

Asperger’s and ADHD

Asperger’s and ADHD and the differences in between. A lot of people seem confused between Asperger’s and ADHD. While they share many similarities, I thought I would compile a chart to highlight a few of the differences.  I hope this helps and doesn’t cause any more confusion.  I will just… Read More »Asperger’s and ADHD


Routine is a problem. I like to be impulsive and Asperger’s means Alfie likes routine. This means we clash a LOT! Sticking to routine is one of the things I find the most difficult to cope with when it comes to Asperger’s.   The trouble with routine is I don’t… Read More »Routine